ARGE, B20 Knowledge Partner for Governance & Sustainability ARGE established non-profit Argüden Governance Academy

Global Leaders follow
ARGE's work on governance

Hakan Kilitçioğlu is Chairman of Middle East Quality Assoc.

Dr. Argüden called for
good governance at the UN
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ARGE is a leading management consulting firm based in Istanbul.
Creating high performance companies through strategic approaches...
Business Excellence
Applying world-class management tools and techniques...
Institution Building
Unlocking the value of human resources by institution building initiatives...
Risk Management / Sustainability
Risk is an integral part of today’s business environment.
Shaping The Future
Developing society with good governance...
Our clients have been recognized for business excellence with numerous awards.
Corporate Social Responsibility
The first Turkish signatory of UN Global Compact.
Dr. ARGÜDEN shares his opinions on strategy and governance in his articles: Articles Books Reports Presentations
With the cooperation between ARGE and Renaissance Worlwide, a new management system, “Balanced Scored”, is now in Turkey. Balanced Scorecard, which has been widely used by successful...
Argüden Governance Academy
Argüden Governance Academy is a non-profit initiative dedicated to improving governance quality in public, non-profit, private, and international organizations to create sustainable value for institutions and...
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