Those Who Fail to Share, Will Be Shared Out

“Dünyada görmek istediğin değişimi, önce kendinde gerçekleştirmelisin.” Mahatma Gandhi Unprecedent improvements in information and communication technologies, decline in transportation costs, and liberalisation in international trade norms are gradually making boundaries less and less important for national businesses. On the other hand, significant changes are taking place in the definition of ‘economic scale’. New technologies reduce [...]

Representative Democracy to Participatory Democracy

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Confucius Decisions that are not implemented do not create value. Decisions that are not fully accepted cannot be implemented well. One of the most significant benefits of the Total Quality Management (TQM) philosophy is that it secures the proper implementation of decisions because it [...]

Reform in Patent Legislation

“Change starts when someone sees the next step.” William Drayton Developed countries are adamant about extending the reach of patent laws for protection of intellectual rights in concluding bilateral and multilateral trade agreements. Patent legislation is a government intervention for correction of a market failure. New knowledge creation requires high investments; but, once it is [...]