Digital Transformation and the Board’s Role

Digital players are threatening the traditional sectors and their business models and most of the executives from traditional sectors believe that the business model needs to be changed in the near future. Digital entrepreneur Marc Andreessen said that “Software is eating the world”. On the other hand, recent surveys show that only small number of [...]

Board And Innovation

Innovation is one of the most important issues in global business environment, nowadays. Innovation involves creation and diffusion of new products, new processes, new methods, new business models. Global competition has made growth more challenging than ever. Companies must focus on innovation to grow and to be competitive and viable in the long-term. Innovation enables [...]

Legislating History

Recently various Parliaments throughout the world started to get in the business of legislating history!! Generally this is done to satisfy the requests of minorities within their electoral districts. Unfortunately, such an approach is not only causing a serious dismay of millions of people whose voice is not heard just because they happen not to [...]