Institution Building

“Human capital is the most important asset” Organizational performance relies heavily on human capital. This makes human capital one the most crucial assets to achieve organizational goals. In order to improve and empower human capital, organizations need organizational structures and human resources systems aligned with organizational goals. Organizational designs should be flexible enough to be adapted to [...]

Business Excellence

“World-class management systems in an emerging market” ARGE is known for bringing and adapting world-class management concepts and methodologies in Turkey.  Intellectual Capital Rating (IC Rating), Balanced Scorecard, and the EFQM Excellence Model are among those leading methodologies that have been introduced and promoted by ARGE in Turkey. Over the years, ARGE clients have gained [...]


“The essence of strategy is choice” Effective strategies allow organizations to differentiate and gain lasting competitive advantage. Strategic decisions enable organizations to differentiate themselves, add value to the products and services, and compete effectively in the market. Having a clearly defined mission and vision statements, and the strategies to achieve them help companies focus their limited [...]

Assessment of Business Effectiveness

“How to improve which side of our business?” Business effectiveness assessment is to evaluate a company’s operations and business results in an extensive, systematic and organized way by means of benchmarking on the basis of a business excellence oriented model. In Turkey, this model is designed as “The EFQM Excellence Model”. Through assessment process, organizations [...]

Human Resources Management Systems

“Winning in business starts with winning the people” ARGE realizes projects for developing processes and systems that enable organisations to manage their human capital. Organisational human capital consist of 2 dimensions: Competence of Human Resources Loyalty of Human Resources to the organisation Competence of Human Resources Organisational Human Capital: Competence x Loyalty Competence includes knowledge, [...]

Total Quality Management (EFQM Excellence Model)

“Not to satisfy, but to fascinate” In a changing world where the importance of national borders diminishes and competition intensifies, all organizations have to ensure the highest quality in products and services they provide. In today’s world alternatives for consumer preferences and their expectations increase while tolerance to mistakes decreases. Consumers now procure products and [...]

Strategy Development

“For lasting competitive advantage…” ARGE provides its clients relevant and effective methodologies, rather than traditional strategy development approaches, to ensure their future success. The principal difference is ARGE ’s ability to establish pocessess to implement strategies effectively.The first objective of our strategy development projects is to concentrate on identifying strategic direction. Strategic direction is the fundamental component of gaining [...]

Adding Value

High performance and profits through strategic approaches Strategy is the key factor to increase performance. ARGE provides solutions to the client companies that increase their market value and profitability through its strategy practices. » Strategy Development » Strategy Implementation » Strategic Alliances » Scenario Planning » Country Strategy National and European Quality Awards through Business Excellence services As known for [...]

Organizational Structuring

Organizations are tools to achieve a particular mission and vision. Appropriate organizational structure improves the efficiency of resource utilization in achieving organization’s goals. Therefore, any organizational structuring needs to consider the following: Strategy and targets Business processes Organization’s values Organization’s culture Existing human capital profile – competencies Maturity level in activities Industry dynamics Organizations are [...]

Process Efficiency

“Local optimizations do not always guarantee system optimizations” Processes are the reflections of business practices of companies. Each process is designed to use the input to serve for internal and external customers. For better service to customers, key performance indicator for each process should be determined and continuously improved according to customer expectations. Companies that [...]