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yonetimde-kalite-1High performance and profits through strategic approaches

Strategy is the key factor to increase performance. ARGE provides solutions to the client companies that increase their market value and profitability through its strategy practices.

» Strategy Development
» Strategy Implementation
» Strategic Alliances
» Scenario Planning
» Country Strategy

National and European Quality Awards through Business Excellence services

As known for its mission, “preparing companies for the future”, ARGE brings leading management concepts, and  business excellence methodologies, which helps companies receive Quality Awards both in Turkey and Europe.

» EFQM Excellence Model
» National and European Quality Awards

Cutting-edge management tools and techniques

ARGE pioneers new management approaches in Turkey by bringing tools and techniques that have been successful on the international business world.

» Balanced Scorecard
» Intellectual Capital Management (IC Rating)
» Value Management
» Change Management (PDF file- in Turkish)
» Reputation Management (PDF file- in Turkish)

Effectively managed thousands of employees through institution building initiatives

ARGE helps client companies effectively manage their employees by designing new human resources management systems, and providing institution building and corporate governance services.

» Human Resources Management Systems
» Corporate Governance

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