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Social Responsibility

ShapingTheFutureAward“Shaping the Future” Award, European Parliament
ARGE was awarded by the European Parliament as one of the three best companies through its Corporate Social Responsibility projects.





globalcompact_logoParticipant Organization, The United Nations Global Compact
ARGE joined the United Nations Global Compact and strenghtened its committment to corporate social responsibility.





Enterpreneur(1)“Responsible Entrepreneurship”, European Commission
ARGE was recognized in the “Responsible Entrepreneurship for SME’s Report” by the European Commission for its important contributions to the development and improvement of NGO’s.




ECCH“European Case Clearing House” Case Study
In collaboration with ARGE, a case study was prepared by the Bosphorus University to clearly demonstrate the application of the EFQM Excellence Model to NGOs.




picture_logoCorporate Volunteers Association and  Volunteerism in ARGE
ARGE was instrumental in setting up the Corporate Volunteers Association to promote volunteerism in the private sector. It contributed to this initiative by providing voluntary work in planning, managing and publicising these efforts as well as developing content and methodology for dissemination. Participating companies undertake to evaluate voluntary contributions by their employees in their annual performance reviews.
ARGE also encourages all its employees to spend one paid working day a week on NGO activities in order to improve the quality of life in the community at a local, national and global level.