About Us

farkliliklarimizThe essence of strategy is choice.

Strategy is the first step in every endeavor to improve performance. We help companies in all stages of strategy formulation: from analysis, to development, and all the way to preparing the infrastructure for implementation.

Just developing a sound strategy is not sufficient, real success comes through effective implementation. ARGE uses the Balanced Scorecard methodology to ensure that strategies are applied throughout the organization.

With its deep understanding of local conditions, ARGE assists its clients in developing their market entry strategies, identifying and evaluating potential acquisition candidates, and helping with post-acquisition or post-merger integration planning and implementation.

Total quality is a way of life.

The realization of a radical change in the attitude of the work force is at least as important as the change in business processes and procedures. We help companies not only in the design phase of a transformation in line with quality management principles, but also with establishing the framework deployment throughout the value chain. ARGE places a special emphasis to change management to ensure sustainability of a change program.

Knowledge is the cornerstone of competition.

Our premise is that business strategy leads the choice of information technology, and the effective use of IT resources is a prerequisite to the successful implementation of business strategy. ARGE provides project management services for effective utilization of strategy and technology.

Human resource is the most important asset.

ARGE offers corporate development services to match the requirements of local culture with the emerging global benchmarks. We help family businesses prepare for the future by helping them establish sustainable governance systems. We are of the belief that effective strategic implementation requires HR systems that are compatible with the company strategy. We help companies through development of HR systems that will improve their effectiveness in strategy implementation.

Each ARGE consultant is trained one month per annum to keep abreast of the latest developments in his/her field of specialization. We find timely solutions to the problems of our clients by building on the acumen of our consultants, our local and international information sources, and our network of international experts.

ARGE believes in leading by example. We demonstrate our corporate social responsibility, by encouraging all our consultants to devote a full day of each week for voluntary work in NGOs to improve the quality of life in our community, both local, national, and global.