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Human Resources Management Systems

kurumsallasma-2“Winning in business starts with winning the people”

ARGE realizes projects for developing processes and systems that enable organisations to manage their human capital. Organisational human capital consist of 2 dimensions:

  • Competence of Human Resources
  • Loyalty of Human Resources to the organisation

Competence of Human Resources

Organisational Human Capital: Competence x Loyalty

Competence includes knowledge, ability and skills owned by the employees. The organisation’s field of activity, customer characteristics, vision, and strategies determine the strategic competencies of the organisation.

The competence that is not in line with the business strategies cannot be considered as an asset for the organisation. ARGE works jointly with organisations to identify strategic competencies.
Development of Strategic Competencies

Identification of strategic competencies enables organisations to have a workforce in accordance with their strategies. ARGE develops Human Resource processes and systems with the participation of the people working in the organisation to develop strategically identified competencies. ARGE helps the employees to keep the process and systems updated with respect to the company strategies.
Loyalty to the organisation

To provide high performance in organisations in the long term, the continuity and development of strategic competencies should be ensured. Loyalty of employees to the organisation enables the continuity of strategic competencies within the organisation.
To enhance the level of loyalty

Increase in Loyalty of Human Resource to the company is directly connected to fulfillment of needs and confidence HR feels towards the company.

To enhance the level of loyalty to the organisation, ARGE carries out the below activities to identify and meet the needs and expectations of employees:

  • Analysis to establish the level of job satisfaction and expectations as regards working conditions
  • Identification of areas to be improved in accordance with the analysis results.

ARGE activities in Organisational Development

Activities for the development of organisational assets consist of processes and systems for Human Resources Management and Development.

To develop the organisational assets, ARGE offers the following activities:

  • Planning of recruitment process
  • Performance management
  • Organizational career management
  • Management of remuneration and rewarding systems
  • Training & development programs

HR processes and  systems are created with maximum participation of employees. ARGE provides necessary skills to keep processes and systems operating and to develop them on a continuous basis.

ARGE provides not only skills to design HR processes and systems but also skills to renew such designs with respect to organisation’s strategies, enabling organisations to bank on their human capital.